Field Inspection Services

NFR performs field inspection services for banks, insurance agencies, and mortgage lenders. Our role is to assist them with estimating the value of their properties. With over 30 years of experience, NFR is a chosen provider for institutions like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD/FHA, VA, USDA, and Investor/Bank Owned properties.  NFR remains 100% focused on refining and perfecting our field inspection services without the distraction of other business lines. This business model has proven to be a valuable benefit for our clients. If you’re in search of the most accurate and reliable mortgage field service companies, choose NFR.

Property/Occupancy Inspection

An inspection is conducted to determine if a property is currently occupied. This includes verifying the property condition, property type, neighborhood status, and utility information. We will also determine if the property is secure, the current grass height, if any damages or hazards are present, and if personal property such as a pool are onsite.

Interview and Inspection

A complete property inspection is conducted with an attempt to conduct an interview with the mortgagor or co-mortgagor. The interview will acquire current home and work telephone numbers, the reason for late payment and any other mortgagor comments. If no one is home, an NFR call back card will be left to provide the mortgagor with contact information.

Rush Inspections

24 hour, 72 hour, and 5 day rush inspections.

A property field inspection can be conducted within one, three, or five business days of a request. A representative will conduct an interview and inspection in the field, and one additional business day might be required to process and distribute results.

Resident Determination Inspection

3-Attempt Resident Determination Inspection
Field representatives will visit the property up to three times in an attempt to determine who is living at the home. Visit times will vary on different days of the week with one visit conducted outside normal business hours.

Resident Determination Inspection
Representatives will attempt to determine the actual occupant of a home by knocking on the front door and speaking with neighbors.

Other Inspections

Sale Date Inspections
A representative will conduct an inspection on the specific date of a property sale. One additional business day might be required to process the results to your office.

Redemption Expiration Inspections
A representative will conduct an inspection on a specific date. One additional business day might be required to process the results to your office.

Natural Disaster Inspections
In the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, or fire, a representative can inspect a property to advise if a property has sustained visible damage and the extent of the damage observed.

Business Verification Inspections

Retail Outlet Verification Inspections

Occupancy Certifications