Insurable Loss

NFR provides insurable loss inspection services nationwide, to ensure lender-owned properties are being restored to their original state per the homeowners claim disbursement schedule. In the event lengthy repairs or construction are needed, our team of professional inspectors will provide proof of construction, take pictures of the property, and report the information back to the lender. NFR will also mitigate insurable loss claims on the lenders behalf and conduct interviews to ensure the claim is handled in the best interest of the lender.

Our Insurable Loss Inspection Services Include:

Insurance Loss Interview

When lenders have stake in a property where damage has occurred, NFR’s team of insurable loss specialists will interview the appropriate parties to determine the nature of the claim.

Insurance Loss Inspection

NFR will provide a detailed and thorough REO property inspection services following an insurable loss claim.

Insurance Loss Mitigation

Our loss mitigation team will work with insurance providers and contractors, on behalf of the lender, to lessen associated risks and expenses following a claim.

Insurable Loss Draft Inspection

NFR will verify repairs and construction of an REO property have been completed per the client’s specifications. Photos of the property will be provided to the client.

Insurance Work Process Inspection

NFR will ensure insurable loss repairs and construction are being conducted in a timely manner and update our clients as the status of property. Photos will be provided to the client.

Vacant Property Inspection

Insurance requirements change when properties sit unoccupied. NFR will inspect vacant properties to assess the condition of the property and lessen risks associated with vandalism or insurable occurrences.