Specialized Services

Over the years, the Mortgage Field Services industry has changed, demanding more robust property management solutions and new service offerings. NFR has stepped up to the challenge, adapting our services to meet the changing needs of our clients. As an industry leader, NFR has stayed ahead of trends and set the stage for industry best practices.

Insurance Loss Inspections

A field inspector will meet with the mortgagor or a contractor to review repairs and create a report for insurance filings. The inspection report includes: the repairs completed, the repairs that still need to be finished, the estimated percentage complete, observations of workmanship and a commentary regarding the satisfaction of the homeowner.

Vacant & Foreclosure Property Registrations

When a property is vacant, it may need to be registered with the city. This is a service that NFR offers the mortgage company. This includes contacting the city and providing required information as well as advancing any fees that may be required.

Violations Management

NFR offers complete violation management from receipt of initial notice to abatement and compliance. Violation coordinators communicate directly with the banks and code officers from cities, counties and Homeowner Associations throughout the United States.

Our prompt response time and excellent customer service has created positive, successful working relationships with these code officers. In the past five years, these relationships have minimized fines and fees for our clients as well as expedited violation compliance.

Utility Transfer/Management

NFR works with local utility companies to activate/restore necessary utilities (water, gas, electric) in order to protect the property. NFR can also process monthly utility bills on behalf of our clients.

Retail Outlet & Business Verification Inspections

NFR will conduct an inspection of a business that is set up to redeem coupons. Field representatives do in-store inspections to advise what products or product lines the outlet offers for sale. A representative will conduct an inspection of a given address to determine if a company is operating there, and what the nature of the business is.